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Professional Motorhome Conversions

If you want the perfect conversion, there’s really only one way to get it done: professionally. Turning a shell of a van or motorhome into something completely unique requires a whole range of skills, woodwork, plumbing, electrics and, of course, a good head for design. By taking on a professional who can help you with the job, all you need is a few ideas.

Finding a Conversion Company

The first step, once you have your vehicle, is to find a company who will take on the work. Searching online is a good start, and you’ll be able to get a good idea of the market, and a few of the larger converters but it’s probably best to try and find someone local – this way you reduce delivery miles and you can keep in regular contact about the work. Ask around at rallies or campsites near you for anyone who knows a good company.

Designing Your Dream

The design process works differently depending on who you select, but make sure you get your input. Usually it’s good to think big, bearing in mind that big isn’t always feasible. As a consumer, you are best at providing a vision of what you’d really like and it’s reasonable to allow your engineers to work out the details of what is logistically possible. It’s also worth thinking about whether your motorhome insurance provider offers specialist cover for conversions.

Budgets and Finances

Of course, converting professionally is not cheap and you need to have a budget in mind. Depending on the specification you provide, you’ll probably be looking at over £10,000 for a professional job. You might well end up exceeding your budget, but if you’re looking to save try to avoid being tempted by extras that look like good value – a fancy stove for an extra £500 might not seem like much in the context of a £15,000 remodel, but it is probably enough to buy you a holiday.

Having a professional conversion done is a brilliant way of getting exactly what you want from your camping trips so, despite the expense, they do attract a lot of people. Shop around to find the best provider for you and try to stick as close to your budget as possible, however tempting special extras are – you can always add them on at a later date!

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