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Research reveals the most common injuries to motorhome drivers

New research gives a fascinating insight into the scope of motorhome related injuries throughout the United Kingdom.

Drawing data from a decade of both fully comprehensive and third party insurance claims the research reveals the top five most common injuries that befall motorhome drivers. Top of the list are upper body injuries, including arms and shoulders, which account for 22% of injury claims. The upper spine (immediately below the skull) is next in line along with whiplash injuries which contribute 17% of claims made on a motorhome insurance policy. Skin related injuries are the next most common, with cuts and burns making up 16% of claims. Lower extremity (legs, pelvis and buttocks) follow with 12%. The cost of treatment for psychological trauma is a factor in 8% of insurance claims and comes fifth in the list.

Psychological trauma is a very real and serious problem for many motorhome owners after an accident. People respond to trauma in many different ways, and often the psychological impact will not show for weeks, months and in some cases years after the accident.

The internationally recognised “Abbreviated Injury Scale” shows that around 65% of injury claims made by mobile home owners are considered to be minor. The Abbreviated Injury Scale is a global severity scoring system that classifies each injury by body region according to its relative importance on a 6 point scale with 1 being minor and 6 being maximal. The new research shows that 28% of claims were due to another vehicle going into the back of the motorhome, while 20% were down to a failure to give way and a further 12.5% involved a collision with a stationary object. Safety features in modern motorhomes have improved dramatically in recent years, but there is only so much they can do to protect human bodies.

A mobile home can be easily repaired or even replaced, but the damage to the body in an accident can be catastrophic, and the message given out by experts is that a text message, GPS adjustment or song change are just not worth causing harm to somebody’s life.

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