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Short Term Motorhome Owners

A lot of people these days are ‘short term’ motorhome owners and like to buy and sell a different motorhome at the start and end of every trip. This is particularly effective if you’re travelling to Australia or New Zealand where it just isn’t practical to take a motorhome over. It certainly takes some knowledge to make it work, though, so how can you make it happen?

Buying and Selling

The theory is that if you can buy and sell for roughly the same price, you never need to incur the cost of buying or hiring of a motorhome at all and you might even make a little profit. It tends to be a strategy that is only suitable for long trips though, it’s very hard to sell on a motorhome over the course of less than a month and you need to be sure of finding a seller at your final destination.


Unless you’re planning on keeping your motorhome for much longer than a few months, you’ll need to put up adverts for sale more or less as soon as you buy. It’s good to find a buyer early and let them know you’re not selling until your departure date. The chances are, you might find someone who is doing the same as you and after a quick purchase for a short-term run around.


The one thing you need to bear in mind is keeping your motorhome in good condition. You’ve got no chance of a good sale if your motorhome is in significantly worse condition that when you bought it. Make sure you take out an appropriate motorhome insurance policy to cover any little dings or scratches and get your motorhome professionally cleaned before selling it on.

There’s no doubt that turning a sale over quickly is a good way of saving a bit of money on a trip, but you do risk not being able to sell your motorhome on when you leave. A good idea is to have a look at the blogs, forums and discussion sites and try to arrange a buyer online before you go.

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