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Ski Trips with Motorhomes

We’re getting to that time of the year when the snow is starting to settle in the mountains, the lifts are getting opened and skis are being waxed. If you’re someone who likes to spend time on the snow there’s no better way to get around than in a motorhome. However, there are a few things worth knowing about taking a ski trip with a motorhome; here are a few tips to make your motorhome ski trip all that more enjoyable!

Book Travel Early

Height-restricted spots can very quickly get booked up and, of course, the price of those that remains skyrockets. Even if you’re not quite sure of your arrangements, sometimes booking a flexible ticket three months in advance and changing the timings can be cheaper than buying tickets a week or so before.

Be Creative with Luggage Arrangements

Skis and snowboards can take up considerable room if they’re not stowed properly, so be creative with where you’re storing your luggage. Ski wear is usually bulky, too, and if stored in suitcases can use up extra room. This is where your motorhome can really come into its own – use all the cubby holes and glove compartments you have!

Ensure your Contents are Covered

Your motorhome insurance may not necessarily cover the value of several pairs of skis, snowboards or whatever you’re travelling with, so make sure you have the right level of cover. You will also need to ensure the area you’re travelling to is covered – be careful when travelling in Switzerland; it’s not a part of the EU and some policies may exclude it from ‘EU inclusive’ cover.

Skiing with a motorhome gives you great freedom and can really cut the cost of what is otherwise an incredibly expensive trip. Make sure you book up early and work out luggage arrangements before the big day – your ferry won’t wait!

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