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There are so many audio options available to motorhome users that there’s genuinely something for everyone. True audiophiles can spend thousands on achieving a set up that they really love, but most motorhomes could do with an update to the basic stereo system that manufacturers tend to offer. Here are a few tips to start you on your way…

Speaker Set-Up

You need to decide how you want to listen to your music when on the road: are you happy to have speakers only in the driver’s cabin or are you after a full array of sounds throughout all of your motorhome? The answer to this should determine your speaker set up: two good speakers should be sufficient for driver-only sound, but you’ll want to think about surround sound for real quality throughout your motorhome.

MP3 Connectivity

Even the most die-hard CD lover should think about upgrading to MP3 in their motorhome. Connector cables can be bought for very little money and are great space-saving devices. It’s true that you lose some of the quality by converting to MP3, but what you lose in quality you more than make up for in convenience which, when you’re on the road, is important. Above all else, if your motorhome was to be broken into, you might find struggle to recover rare or precious CDs on your motorhome insurance.

Luxury and Quirky Options

It’s possible to let your imagination run wild when it comes to motorhome sound; why not hook up a TV to your speakers and start thinking about a cinema set up? You could possibly set up speakers in the rear for campfire parties or even wire up individual headphone sockets for silent shared listening. Electronics can be flexible and cheaper than you think to install so why not dream a little?

If you’re someone who likes a range of music or the occasional radio programme it’s worth thinking about what sort of noises your motorhome is making. It’s hard to quantify the improvements in sound quality you can make with a few small changes, but be assured that you can hear the difference!

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