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The Changing Face of the Motorhome

Not too long ago going on holiday in a motorhome was reserved for enthusiasts and those wanting to ‘get back to nature’, however once the recession hit more and more people found that they could enjoy frequent breaks in motorhomes for a reasonable price. Motorhomes have always been associated with saving money, which is why they have become so popular over the past few years, and since their popularity has grown manufacturers have been taking advantage.

Once companies start benefitting from the popularity of their products they then have the freedom, money and demand to create new versions of their wares. Nearly all forms of technology that have become popular over the past ten years are now completely different from their original design, and the motorhome is no different. If you look at motorhome models on the market as little as ten years ago you will be able to see the leaps and bounds manufacturers have made.

Some of the most well-known motorhome manufacturers in the UK have recently produced innovative, technologically advanced models that will prove exceedingly popular with the growing market. This month alone, Eldiss and Bailey have launched new models, both of which have one thing in common: luxury. Breaking with tradition, these motorhome manufacturers are catering to those that no longer see motorhoming as an alternative to a holiday, but as a holiday in itself that will be saved up for and seen as a worthwhile investment.

Bailey of Bristol have created the Approach Autograph 740 which is a coachbuilt motorhome and features a four berth, end-bed fixed double layout and a number of built-in facilities as standard. The 740 is one of five new models Bailey is creating for its Approach Autograph range, all of which have been designed with luxury in mind. The 740 includes cab seat twin armrests, dual front airbags, cab air conditioning and cruise control, and will also look extremely impressive in any caravan park pitch.

The rest of the Approach Autograph range consists of the two berth end-lounge 625, the fourth-berth end-bed fixed double 745 which comes with belted travel seats, the four-berth end-bed with twin fixed singles 750 complete with belted travel seats and a rear storage garage and finally the 765, a six-berth low-profile with a drop-down double bed. With the amount of thought gone into creating each of these new models Bailey is hoping to repeat the success that they had with the previous Autograph SE range, especially the Autograph SE 625 which won the 2013 MMM and Which Motorhome magazine Non-Fixed Bed Coachbuilt Motorhome of the Year award.

Not one to miss out on a trend, Eldiss has created the new Accordo range which is said to combine the practicality of the Eldiss Autoquest models and the upmarket features of the Eldiss Aspire range. While Eldiss are focussing on producing luxury new vehicles, they have not forgotten that one of the main reasons motorhomes became popular in the first place was their money saving abilities. This is why both models in the Accordo range are less than 6 metres long which means that owners will be able to pay less when it comes to ferry crossings.

However, while the Accordo models may be considered compact when it comes to ferry fees, designers have ensured that there is plenty of space for owners to move around. Both the three-berth and two-berth models have an interior headroom of 6”4 and come with a number of features to make the driving experience more enjoyable. Both the 105 and 125 models include cab air conditioning and cruise control as standard as well as an opening sunroof, three-burner hob, combined oven and grill and a 95-litre fridge. The new models are also ideal for those looking to go on long-haul motorhome journeys as they contain a 90-litre fresh water tank and 70-litre waste water tank.

The motorhome market has seen a number of exciting changes over the past few years, and now that the motorhome holiday has become more established in the UK it is likely that we will see more luxury models being built in the years to come. The good news is that most of these manufacturers are UK based, which means that sister industries such as motorhome insurance providers, mechanics and even those that own caravan parks will also start benefitting from those looking for a more up-market motorhome experience.

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