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The Risk of Theft Abroad


Unfortunately, the risk of owning nice things is that those things can become quite coveted: and motorhomes are a classic example. Thieves target motorhome owners because they know that what they have is valuable and there is also a good chance that there will be more valuable items inside. In the UK, there are some basic security measures we all take for granted, but when you’re abroad it’s not so easy. Here’s a guide to minimising the risk of theft abroad.

Be Careful Where You Park

If you’re leaving your vehicle unattended for any period of time, then just take a moment to think about where you leave it. Dark and deserted streets will attract opportunists and it’s very unlikely that anyone will see a thief break in. The same is true in wild countryside and here the danger is even greater: you could be left stranded. Use covered car parks where possible, even if it costs you a little extra.

Make Use of CCTV

If at all possible, park under CCTV or traffic cameras, or even somewhere that you might be covered by a shop camera. CCTV will help to identify the thief in the event of a break-in and there is considerably more chance of you getting your possessions back. In the event that a thief tries to take your vehicle, there’s even more chance they’ll be caught in the act if someone is watching via CCTV.

Think About Your Valuables

Sometimes thieves are after your vehicle itself, but sometimes a laptop or a phone is enough for a good day’s work. Ensure, firstly, you have adequate motorhome insurance which covers you for replacement, but always keep valuables locked or, better still, on your person. If you have to leave valuables in your vehicle, never ever leave them in sight. Thieves have been known to smash windows for twenty or thirty pounds in cash.

When you’re driving abroad the little security tips and tricks you know back home don’t always apply and it’s worth taking that extra second to think about the safety of your possessions. In the event of an incident, always speak to the local police straight away: the sooner you act the more chance that a solution will be found.

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