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The Tools for the Job


A campervan conversion is one of the best possible ways of turning an old heap on junk into something you can treasure for years to come. Though many people have the desire, the time and the work ethic to really follow through with a top quality conversion, campers are often stuck with where to start. So, here’s a quick guide to the first thing on any converter’s list: finding the right tools.

Jacks and Chocks

The traditional way to build a campervan is from the bottom up: start at the chassis and work your way to the roof. The first thing you need to get hold of, then, is a set of chocks and a good jack that will enable you to work underneath your chassis. An improper base is one of the most dangerous things you can work with, so make sure your van is fully secure before climbing underneath.

Everyday Toolbox

Your everyday toolbox will be invaluable: a good set of screwdrivers, a variety of hammers and, most importantly, an adjustable spanner will be a good starting point but don’t be surprised if you need to pick up a few extras. Different angles and sizes of nuts and bolts will mean you probably need a whole host of new tools for just one joint: frustrating, but often there’s no compromise!

Heavy Machinery

Depending on the type of conversion you’re doing, you might need some heavier equipment. If you’re using angle grinders, chainsaws or welding equipment make sure you know what you’re doing! Never take any chances with heavy equipment: if in doubt call in the professionals.

Whatever you do with your conversion, make sure you equip yourself with the right tools and do a great job first time round. It’s wise to keep a record of what changes you make as your campervan insurance provider might need details. Take lots of photos, enjoy the job and make sure you’re proud of whatever you create!

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