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Tips for Camping at Christmas

Not many people will think of spending Christmas in a motorhome, but actually, the Christmases spent camping as a family are the ones that will be remembered the most.


There is something magical about parking up at a beauty spot and enjoying Christmas right where you are. You can get away from all the distractions of modern life and just enjoy some time together reconnecting.


You have the great outdoors as your entertainment as well as all the modern conveniences that you need to be able to put on a good Christmas spread. There really is no better way to bond as a family and no limit to the fun that you can all have together as a group.


Have a read through our tips for camping at Christmas and start making your plans right now.


How to enjoy Christmas in a motorhome


Plan, plan, plan


We really can’t state this enough, as with any celebration, planning is always the key to ensuring that everyone has a good time.


The biggest thing that you will need to think about is where to camp at Christmas. We recommend that you book a place at a camp site well in advance. Remember that other families will be planning similar adventures to you and that campsites might well get booked up well in advance of the holidays.


When it comes to selecting your location, it might pay off to think about somewhere where you have been previously, somewhere you remember that you all had a really good time. That way you know you will have chosen something that you will all enjoy and you will also have a good understanding of how the site works, which will help you with your planning.

Alternatively, think about what your ideal location would look like and do your research to try and match up your preferences. Remember, if you are desperate for a white Christmas, the best place to head to is the far north of Scotland. Snow doesn’t often fall on the big day itself, but you certainly have more chance of experiencing it the further north that you go.


When it comes to getting onto the site, we recommend getting there as early as you can so that you can secure a good spot. You will be surprised at how busy campsites get during the festive season, so make sure you don’t end up disappointed.


Packing for Christmas


Packing for Christmas camping might be a little more complicated than when you get ready for your summer holidays. The first thing you will need to think about is presents. Will you have room for them when you pack or should you all make a conscious decision as a family to forego them completely or at least until you get back home? Alternatively, you could always make a pact to buy each other a little something that can be used when you are on your camping trip. These thoughtful gifts should help ensure that you have a great time while you are away, without being something that you need to transport home too.


Supplies wise, you will need to think a little bit more about what you need when it comes to camping at Christmas. Plenty of thick and warm blankets and lots of items that you can use to layer up clothing-wise should definitely be on your list.


Torches and lanterns should also be included, remember it will get darker much earlier, so you might need to include plenty of extra batteries too. A string of fairy lights will also brighten up your awning or the inside of your motorhome and will make everything feel that bit more festive.


Christmas dinner


So, you will probably need to face up to the fact that you might have to be more creative when it comes to your Christmas dinner. Spending Christmas in a motorhome is amazing but it certainly isn’t blessed with the space or facilities to knock up a posh three-course dinner. That being said, the thing that really makes a meal special isn’t often the food, it’s the company and that is what you are doing this for, right?


Your motorhome will most probably have a decently sized kitchen that will allow you to cook up something quite decent for you all to eat. You could, for instance, opt for a crown or breast portion rather than a whole bird when it comes to your turkey.

If you’re looking for tasty recipes to cook in your motorhome or campervan, check out our Comfort Camping Cookbook! We recommend trying one of the following for your Christmas feast:

  • A Basic Roast
  • Beef or Turkey Chilli
  • Mediterranean Feast
  • Mini Sausage Rolls
  • No-Bake Cheesecake


Alternatively, you could boost the fun and the snuggly feeling by cooking your dinner over a campfire or on a BBQ. A Dutch oven will allow you to roast food directly over the fire, allowing you to put together a meal that you will remember for years to come. Plus, when it comes to desserts, what could be better than smores or filled bananas? There is no rule, after all who says you have to have Christmas pudding as your dessert on the big day.


Make sure your motorhome is ready for winter


One of the best tips for camping at Christmas is to make sure you and the family are all kept safe by ensuring your motorhome is ready for the winter. At the very least you should ensure that your motorhome has a full service before you set out on your adventure. This way you can relax knowing that your motorhome is operating at optimum performance and that the likelihood of it breaking down or something going drastically wrong while you are out on the road is slim.


You will also need to carry out some basic checks to ensure that your motorhome can keep you comfortable in the cold before you head out for some Christmas camping. You will need to check that your pipes are well insulated, for instance, to be sure that you can keep the water flowing during your break. You might even wish to consider investing in a tank heater to make sure that those pipes don’t freeze up while you are out on the campsite. Frozen pipes are not much fun at all. You should also check your heating system, just to make sure it is robust enough to keep you all warm and toasty while on your adventures.


Be nice to your neighbours


When packing your supplies for your Christmas camping trip, you might wish to consider packing a few extra items that you could use to help you spread a bit of festive cheer around the campsite. For instance, you might want to pack a supply of mince pies and perhaps even some mulled wine, anything that you can use to strike up a conversation and perhaps even a friendship with your neighbours on the campsite. They will most likely really appreciate the gesture and it might well make their day that little bit more special as well and you will benefit from the warm glow that comes from giving to someone else. Plus, there really is nothing quite like the camaraderie that exists between campers, especially when everyone is feeling merry over the Christmas season. Be sure to make the most of this and get out there and experience relationships with your neighbours. You never know you might make a friend or two for life.


Think about your schedule


One of the most important things to think about once you have sorted where to camp at Christmas is the type of schedule that you want to follow. Remember that you want to include all of the family so you need to think about what individual activities each member would like to do while you are away.


These things really do need to be planned, especially over Christmas when certain activities might not be running over the holidays. Careful planning means that you can avoid disappointment and make sure that everyone gets their chance to do something that they want. You shouldn’t really plan anything in for the big day itself, although you might want to do a rough plan of how you would like the day to go. To make the most of your trip, however, this day should be for cosying up around the campsite and enjoying the feast that you will manage to create between you all. There is always Boxing Day that you can use for more robust activities. Anything that will help burn those calories consumed on the big day is a good idea.


Spending Christmas in a motorhome really is the best way to make the most out of the season. Christmas really doesn’t have to be all about glitzy parties, expensive presents or sitting around a TV. Simply spending time with your loved ones in the great outdoors is all that you need to guarantee that you will have a fantastic time. Give it a try, we promise that so long as you follow our tips, you really won’t regret it.


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*November 2023

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Comfort Insurance

We’re a family run business with over 30 years' experience in the provision of specialist motorhome and campervan insurance. With a wealth of awards under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service, offering you the most comprehensive cover money can buy -  starting from just £200!