Tips for Long-Haul Motorhome Adventures

Going on long-haul motorhome adventures often requires a fair amount of planning, and even though they are exciting they can also be extremely tiring. Furthermore, if you don’t plan properly you could find yourself in some dangerous situations during your trip that even your motorhome insurance provider will struggle to help you with! So if you are going on a proper adventure across Europe this summer here are some tips to help you stay safe and have a great time:

Buy some Maps

Most people these days rely on their sat-navs for directions, however unless you have invested in one specifically designed for motorhomes you could find yourself being taken down roads that are too small or unsuitable for your vehicle. This is why it’s a great idea to invest in some maps, as not only do they give you information on the types of roads you will be travelling on but also how close you are to other destinations. Furthermore, planning your journeys using maps can really help you visualise your route, and if you want to make a spontaneous detour while on your trip you can easily see other routes while on the move.

Pack for Every Eventuality

If you are planning on motorhoming across Europe then you will need to bring a wide range of clothing and equipment so that you can stay comfortable and make the most out of your trip. For example, if you start your trip in Western Europe you will probably need shorts and t-shirts as the weather will be warm during the summer months. However, if you move towards Northern or Eastern Europe then you will need to bring your coats, jumpers and proper shoes, especially if you are planning on visiting any of the mountain areas. You should also make sure you bring a range of equipment for your motorhome so that you can drive safely no matter what the weather or the terrain!

Create a Back-up Plan

If you are travelling across the continent it means that at times you will be spending hours on long stretches of road in the middle of nowhere, and if you break down here you could find yourself in trouble. This is why it is important that you make sure you have your mobile phone fully charged at all times and that you have the details of your motorhome insurance provider, break-down services and family members so that you can contact them if you need help. Before you leave you should also let your family or friends know where you are planning to be each stage of your holiday so that they will able to contact you in case your lose or break your mobile phone.

Maintain your Motorhome

A great way to ensure that your motorhome won’t break down during your travels is to make sure that you maintain it as often as possible, which means every time you get to a main city or a caravan site with suitable facilities you should check your oil levels, tyre pressures, and all the electronics in your vehicle. Before you leave for your trip it may also be a good idea to practice replacing your motorhome’s tyres or topping up the oil levels, as you don’t want to find out too late that you are not sure how to do it. Don’t forget though that if you are unsure you should always try and find a professional mechanic to help you, otherwise you could do more damage than good and invalidate your motorhome insurance.

Drive Safely

Long-haul journeys can be extremely tiring, which means that it is essential that you plan for regular breaks and meals. This can be a bit tricky if you don’t know how often rest-stops will be available on each road, so if you are unsure it’s often wise to stay on a motorway as eventually you will be able to find one. Even though this may take you a bit out of your way it is always better to be safe than sorry and no matter what you should never pull over on the side of the motorway unless it is an emergency.

One of the great things about long-haul motorhome journeys is that they provide a great sense of adventure and give you the opportunity to visit a number of famous countries and sites. However, if not done carefully your trip could be over before it’s even started!

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