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Top 20 Best Campervan Gadgets

Gadgets are a great way to make everyday tasks that little bit easier and they can be extremely handy, especially when out on the road. It can seem a bit daunting with so many different campervan gadgets on the market, but we have compiled a list of some of the best that we think could become your favourite camping essentials for your next staycation.

 Useful campervan gadgets for cooking

1. Ridgemonkey pan

First on our list is the Ridgemonkey, a firm favourite amongst campervan owners.  The double-sided sandwich toaster pan is perfect for cooking a variety of meals when holidaying in your camper. Not limited to just sandwich toasties, a quick online search and you will be able to find plenty of helpful recipes with everything from a full English breakfast, a homemade pizza, brownies or chicken and vegetables. Its versatility when it comes to cooking is what makes the Ridgemonkey so popular, and is available in a range of different sizes so you can pick the one that best suits you and your lifestyle.

2. Folding washing up bowl

In a campervan it’s all about space saving solutions and with a collapsible washing up bowl you can easily fold it flat and store away. They are ideal for kitchens with smaller spaces which is what makes it great for when you’re out on the road. Typically made from a silicon material it’s easy to clean and dry ready for its next use.

3. Remoska electric oven

Another option for those looking for an alternative for cooking in their campervan, the mini electric oven can bake, roast, and cook just about anything you could want whilst away in your camper. Shaped like a pan, with a non-stick coating and glass viewing window it can help with saving on gas and is perfect for trips away with an electric hook up. You will be cooking up a storm before you know it.

4. Portable BBQ

A Summer favourite, us Brits love a BBQ and who says that’s got to stop when you’re away in your campervan? A small portable BBQ is ideal but alternatively you can get disposable ones that will still do the trick. As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to check with the campsite, beach or area before you start cooking to avoid running into any trouble.

5. Handheld portable espresso maker

We are a nation of coffee drinkers, so if you are looking to get your caffeine fix whilst exploring some of the amazing places the UK has to offer then a portable expresso maker could be the gadget for you. Useful for when you’re on the go as you can make the perfect expresso, using small capsule pods that would make any Barista jealous.

6. Carabiner camping mug

Made from stainless steel, with a carabiner attached; it can clip anywhere on the inside of your camper or alternatively on to your backpack ready for you to enjoy a brew when you need a well-earned break. Easy to clean and very durable it’s great for life on the road with all the bumps along the way.

Most practical campervan gadgets

7. Key finder

If you’re someone that’s always worrying where you’ve left your keys, then it may be time to get yourself a key finder. A small keyring that pairs up with your mobile, there is no need to panic the next time you can’t locate your keys. Simply go on the app and the keyring will start to sound, it really is that easy. There are a few different key finders on the market varying in price and some of the main ones we have spotted include: Tile, Apple Airtag and Chipolo one spot.

8. USB fan

Ideal for those hot summer days and nights, a portable fan that plugs into your USB port can be a great campervan gadget for those that always want to cool down in hotter weather. USB campervan gadgets are usually relatively cheap so unlike other solutions this will be sure not to break the bank.

9. Karcher window vac

A problem that some owners can face, particularly with older VW classic campervans, can be condensation on the windows and this can ultimately cause damp within the vehicle. A handy gadget, which could replace an old tatty cloth, the Karcher window vac helps to vacuum the excess moisture, preventing the build-up of mould.

10. Wind up LED torch

A wind-up torch may not seem like the most advanced camping gadget but it sure is one of the most practical. Life in a campervan isn’t always guaranteed to go as smoothly as we all hope, so having things such as a wind-up torch will ensure your prepared for an array of different situations. They are longer lasting and don’t require batteries and, with some models, just 1 minute of winding can give up to 20 minutes of light.

11. Compact travel towel

It’s not one of the most technical nor the most exciting but then again it can be one of the most useful. Travel towels are not only slightly smaller in size but are made from lightweight and quick drying material. They are super absorbent and their compact dimensions can easily be stored away or brought along to daytrips at the beach.

Top Campervan Gadgets to Keep you entertained

12. Mini projector

If you’re a movie buff and love the idea of having your own home cinema then what better excuse than to buy your very own mini projector for film nights in your van. When it comes to watching movies in your campervan nothing beats the big screen so all that’s now left to do is grab the popcorn and you’re ready to go.

13. Mini Bluetooth speaker

Great for those that are looking to entertain, a small Bluetooth speaker is an absolute must have for days spent soaking up the sun listening to your favourite songs. Charge before you set off, they make the perfect addition to life off grid as they don’t require a constant power supply.

14. Portable phone charger power bank

Long hikes and days out are what we all long for but staying connected is something that is important in this day and age. There’s nothing worse than running out of battery when you need it most and this is where a portable phone charger will become your new favourite gadget.

15. Kindle / E-reader

As always, a lot of things in a campervan boil down to space. We all love flicking through a good book whilst away on our travels but if you are a true book worm and want a whole library at your fingertips then a kindle could be the way forward for reading whilst on the road.

Living in a Campervan – Gadgets best for van life 

16. Kampa air windbreak

As much as everyone likes spending time in their campervan, it’s always great to extend that living space where you can. This is always important especially if travelling with pets, to ensure they also get some well needed fresh air. The Kampa air windbreak is a world’s first and with its fast set up it’s clear why it’s fast becoming a favourite amongst motorhome and campervan owners.

17. Foldable picnic table

Arguably an essential when travelling in a campervan, if you want some outdoor seating then you’re going to want something that can fold away so it doesn’t take up too much space. There’s nothing like enjoying a freshly cooked breakfast in the morning sun, so a fold away table that can seat up to 4 people is ideal for camping mealtimes.

18. Solar camping shower

Unlike motorhomes many campervans do not come with a fitted shower, which is often one of the things people miss most when they go away. If you still want to have that fresh feeling but don’t want to always rely on shower blocks and facilities at campsites, then investing in a solar camping shower is looking like the obvious answer.

19. 12V hair straighteners

We love going away in a campervan as much as the next person, but we understand that sometimes you can miss those home comforts. A 12v hair straightener is the perfect solution for those looking to straighten their hair safely on the go.

20. Allocacoc PowerCube

The Allocacoc PowerCube is an extension socket with four three-pin plug sockets as well as two USB ports, making it the ultimate extension lead for life in your campervan. Its compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go and compared to other designs on the market will be practical with everyday van life.

Is your campervan fully insured?

Remember, any additional gadgets and accessories will not only add to the value of your campervan but will also make it more desirable to thieves, so make sure you’re fully covered by your campervan insurance policy. Feel free to give us a call on 0208 9840 666, our professional and friendly customer service team will be happy to help!

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We’re a family run business with over 30 years' experience in the provision of specialist motorhome and campervan insurance. With a wealth of awards under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service, offering you the most comprehensive cover money can buy -  starting from just £220!

Comfort Insurance

We’re a family run business with over 30 years' experience in the provision of specialist motorhome and campervan insurance. With a wealth of awards under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service, offering you the most comprehensive cover money can buy -  starting from just £200!