Family Motorhome Holiday

Top Tips for Enjoying your Motorhome Holiday

Enjoying Family Motorhome HolidayA motorhome holiday could be the best family holiday experience you ever have; however there are a few things you should know before you set off.

Plan Your Journey

It is best to plan your journey before you go. Don’t think you are going to see the whole of England in a week because you will just end up with a lot of photographs of the motorway and not pretty scenery. By planning to visit a few areas that interest you, you will get more out of the holiday. This will also allow you to plan how long moving from campsite to campsite is going to take you so you don’t spend all your time on the road.

Another way of reducing the stress levels is to book the first few nights at a campsite before you go. Over the summer, they get full very quickly so knowing you have a place for a few days is reassuring whilst planning which one to go to next.

Also take an up to date campsite guide with you as this will tell you where is available and where is actually open in what months of the year.


Make sure you have a spare gas bottle with you, especially when travelling in Europe. Using a European gas bottle in a UK vehicle is tricky so the best way to avoid this by being economical with what you use and, by using the resources on the campsite this will extend your gas supply.

Packing a torch is also an essential because the campsite might not provide outside lighting and navigating your way to the toilets in the pitch black is not the most ideal situation late at night!

Also make sure you black out and insulate all windows when you are at the campsite. This is where most of the heat is lost during the winter so you will burn through a lot of fuel. In the summer this is also a great way to keep the heat out and keep your motorhome at a reasonable temperature.

Take care of the awning. This causes the most problems in motorhome as they are fragile and require 2 people to put them out and wind them in. Also make sure it is never left unattended as a small gust of wind could cause a huge amount of damage costing up to £500. Although your motorhome insurance may cover this, it is still an inconvenience to get fixed.

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