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Tough Times for the Motorhome Market


The recession has hit everyone hard and there still doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to the difficulties in Europe which has brought real difficulties to the motorhome market. Motorhomes are an excellent example of a luxury product and when things get tough and money starts to become an issue, people are less able to splash out on running and keeping motorhomes.

Movements in Manufacture

You’ll probably have noticed a number of mergers and acquisitions in the manufacturing sector lately, and most recently Bentley Motorhomes, the Yorkshire based manufacture went into receivership and was bought out by Vanmaster, a Lancashire based firm. In tough times, the first thing people can forgo is a several thousand pound purchase on a new motorhome, and many of the smaller firms have been suffering as a result of this.

A Flood on the Second-Hand Market

To compile the problems in manufacture, difficulties in the job markets can often lead people to start selling: in particular, things like motorhomes. There are some great buys on the second-hand market at the moment and people have been able to snap up some bargains. Unfortunately, second-hand shopping comes at the expense of our manufacturers.

Other Services

The one group of people who have found life harder than anyone over the last few years are campsite owners. Even campsites in usually bustling, busy tourist areas have been struggling to fill pitches as people choose to move away from expensive sites in favour or wild camping, or sometimes they prefer just to stay at home. In turn, motorhome accessory retailers and motorhome insurance companies have started feeling the pinch.

Hopefully these difficulties are temporary, and the one thing that camping has on its side is that it’s a timeless pleasure: people will always want to be in the great outdoors! If you have the chance, why not support your local motorhome manufacturer or your favourite campsite? It’s the consumers who can get the wheels turning again…

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