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Covers and Weather Shields


It’s a bit of an unwritten rule that whenever you want to take a motorhome holiday, the weather starts to alternate between beating sunshine and driving rain. Most motorhomes are more than able to withstand a bit of heavy weather, but over the long run it can do serious damage to the exterior and, ultimately, the interior of your vehicle. One way to protect against the elements is to invest in a weather shield.

Full Coverage

Most people start off with a full-van weather shield that sits snugly over the whole of your vehicle. These are usually graded by class and come with elasticated corners so you should easily be able to find something that fits. You’ll find that these covers vary drastically in quality and price, but as a minimum you’ll want to have UV protection to prevent fading, multi-layer waterproofing and some breathability: dew can cause mould if moisture isn’t allowed to escape.

Additional Covers

It might be wise to cover up your wheels and tyres, too, to prevent them from degrading and rusting. Before you cover up anything, first make sure it’s clean: mud and dirty will turn very nasty if it’s allowed to set and it will become very difficult to remove. It’s true that wheels won’t degrade quite as quickly as bodywork, however, so if you’re only storing your motorhome for a few weeks it’s not essential.

Security and Protection

The other benefit of using a cover is it makes your motorhome far less attractive to thieves. Though a canvas sheet won’t provide much protection against the determined criminal, it will certainly deter opportunist thieves because they have no idea if there is anything worth stealing inside. Keeping your motorhome under wraps might help you lower your motorhome insurance quote.

Even if you keep your motorhome in a garage it could be worth investing in some strong covers to prevent mould and mildew taking over. If you’re thinking of leaving your motorhome on a drive for any length of time, covers are essential: you never know when the weather might change!

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