Travelling on the cheap Motorhome

Travelling on the Cheap

Motorhomes cost enough money as it is, and even without the cost of fuel, campsites and extras like motorhome insurance, motorhome travel doesn’t often leave you with much to enjoy yourself with. However, budget motorhome trips are more than possible, you just need to know a few handy tips.

Camp Wild Where Possible

Though it’s great to support local campsites, you don’t need to do it every night. If you can find safe, legal and appropriate spots to camp wild then there’s absolutely no reason not to. You can save yourself some money and, of course, you could well have great fun doing it. Without facilities, wild camping isn’t practical every night, so why not alternative the time you spend?

Work on your Cookery

Food can be one of your biggest expenses when travelling in a motorhome and there’s something about camping that often means you just end up eating way more than you normally would. However, with a few cost effective meals in your repertoire, you can not only budget properly, but you’ll probably feel much fuller. Fish is one of the best camping fillers and dishes like fried mackerel or steamed mussels are extremely cost effective.

Plan for Free

There are so many things you can do across the UK and Europe for free, but you don’t often stumble upon them. There are plenty of websites that can help you to find free or very cheap activities to keep you occupied, so make a list before you go and when that rainy day does arrive you’ll be ready and prepared.

Cheap motorhome travel is something of an art, but it can be really good fun once you get the measure of it. Even if budget isn’t too much of a problem for you, scrimping a little here and there can free up a bit of cash you can spend on really enjoying yourself while you’re on holiday.

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