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Used Motorhomes

A good way to get into motorhomes is to snap up a bargain with a second hand vehicle. Motorhome sales and purchases tend to be pretty fluid and at any one time you ought to be able to find a good deal somewhere.

Where to buy?

Most people will start by researching their purchase online and there can definitely be some value in buying online: at the cheaper end of the market you might find some rarities and bargains. Some people will prefer to go to a dealer where you’ll have much more choice easily accessible, but if it’s something very specific you want then private adverts in newspapers or local trade publications can still be pretty good.

What to look for?

Quality is an important issue and you really don’t want something breaking down on you on your first trip. Warrantees from dealers or nearly-new manufacturer’s warrantees can be worth their weight in gold. Equally, don’t be sold by quirky modifications if you’re dubious about their longevity – often it’s only when you’ve spent some time getting to know a motorhome you really work out where its faults are.

Buying second-hand

You’ll need to make sure you get yourself covered with cheap motorhome insurance but always look for something that gives you a good level of cover. Some insurance policies might look good value but won’t protect you in the case of a claim. Equally, be sure to register your vehicle on the road and get your tax paid – this is something that dealers are very good at helping you sort out but there’s plenty of advice online if you’re unsure.

Second-hand motorhomes are a really neat way into the market and there’s often plenty of stock floating around. Search high and low, forecourts to little private ads, if you’re looking for something a little bit niche and always research what you want thoroughly before parting with your hard earned cash.

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