Long Term Touring


So many students are able to take gap years these days and it’s an opportunity that a lot of older generations didn’t ever have. It’s no surprise, then, that those of us who didn’t have the opportunity to see the world are itching to get out now! Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen a considerable increase in the number of people taking sabbaticals or grown-up gap years, and what better way to fill your year than in a motorhome!

Planning a Trip

It might seem appealing to just drive away and see where you end up, but this approach will cost your more and you’ll probably end up seeing less. Why not write down some targets and some places you want to see and devise a rough route. This way you’ll be able to identify if you need to book any ferries or campsites in advance which can save you considerably.

Hiring or Buying

Taking your own motorhome on a long term trip is probably the most comfortable and hassle free way of touring, but plenty of people arrange long term hire. You will need to think about motorhome insurance if you hire for a long period: your insurer may be unable to cover any rentals under 9 months. Equally, make sure you have a valid MOT certificate and tax disc for the duration of your trip: it won’t be that easy to get hold of a UK tax disc in continental Europe.

Culture Shock

Don’t underestimate the possibility of culture shock if you’re touring for a long time. Every motorhome owners knows there are compromises living in a motorhome and you can’t always sleep, cook or wash like you’d like to. Couple this with spending all day, every day abroad and you might find you’ll experience some anxiety and some culture shock. Take this in your stride: it is perfectly natural. If you get the opportunity to go touring for a long period, you should grasp it with both hands: it might just be the trip of your lifetime! Think about the practicalities before you leave and you’ll leave yourself free to enjoy your time away.