Insurance for A-Class Motorhomes

What is an A-Class motorhome?

There are many types of motorhome vehicles on the road including A Class Motorhomes. You can tell if the motorhome is a Class A Motorhome if it’s huge, boxy and looks like a bus. They are often used for celebrities and band tours as they are usually kitted out to the highest standards with a luxury kitchen, shower, beds and living areas. Some even have a hot tub! Anything is possible when it comes to A Class Motorhomes.

As expected, these are at the top end of the market and can cost anywhere between £30,000- £300,000 depending if there are new or old (and what features they have of course). The most expensive A Class motorhome in the world has gone on sale in Dubai covered in gold for £2 million!

These large motorhomes are coach built using a bare chassis unit and has no separate cab, giving the motorhome enough room inside for all the luxuries.

If you are lucky enough to own an A Class Motorhome, Comfort Insurance can help you with your motorhome insurance. Many options are taken into account when considering motorhome insurance; the vehicles weight, age, the condition it’s in and the driver’s history.

Why choose Comfort Insurance?

We are the Which motorhome insurance providers of the year and have a long standing relationship with Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer – so you be rest assured that you and your Class A motorhome are in good hands.

Call Comfort Insurance today to discuss your requirements, or use our quick & easy to use online form to get a motorhome insurance quote!

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