Insurance for American Motorhomes

When most people think of motorhomes one of the first things that comes to mind is America, which is not surprising as many feel that the US is the birth place of the motorhome! Over the years countries all around the world have joined the motorhome industry and created their own vehicles, but for some there is nothing that can beat a traditional American motorhome.

Like most things that come from the USA, American motorhomes are traditionally larger than European versions and are therefore constructed differently. While there are some coach-built American motorhomes the majority are fully integrated A-class models where the driving area is built into the living area section.

Due to their size American motorhomes usually include a large number of berths and facilities such as fully integrated kitchens and washrooms. This means that they are often much more expensive than campervans and coach-built motor caravans and so need a comprehensive motorhome insurance policy to ensure that they are protected while on the road.

Travelling in American Motorhomes

As already discussed, American motorhomes are much larger than most other models which means that they are often not suited for small campsites or narrow country roads. However, as they contain a number of luxuries they are ideal for those looking to embark on long-haul journeys in comfort and style. Families also tend to travel in American motorhomes as there are a number of areas that can convert into berths and some even come with double beds.

Even though their size can often make them difficult to manoeuvre, visibility is usually extremely good in American motorhomes as they have large windscreens and windows. Not only does this help when on the road but it also means that American motorhome owners can enjoy amazing views while on their travels!

If you own an American motorhome owner you probably know the thrill of long-haul motorhome journeys across the open road, and with our motorhome insurance you can enjoy all these trips knowing you are protected. Why not fill out an online quote for today to see how Comfort Insurance can cover your American motorhome?

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