Insurance for Coachbuilt Motorhomes

Coach-built motor caravans are one of the most popular types of motorhomes in the UK, especially as they can provide a large amount of space and include a number of facilities. Coach-built motor caravans are generally built using a chassis and cab from a van and are then taken to a motorhome specialist who creates the ‘living area’.
A number of coach-built motor caravans come with over-cab storage, meaning that they are ideal for those looking to embark on long-haul motorhome journeys. Most motorhome manufacturers produce a range of coach-built motor caravans that come with different berths and facilities, enabling customers to find one that suits their individual needs.
Comfort Insurance provides cover to a range of customers all with different variations of coach-built motor caravans. We understand that as these motorhomes are extremely popular most owners adapt them to include facilities and technology that can also be covered with our motorhome insurance policies.

Travelling in a Coach-Built Motor Caravan

One of the benefits of owning a coach-built motor caravan is that they are extremely adaptable and can be used for a wide range of motorhome holidays. For example, many owners of coach-built motor caravans use them to travel across Europe from ski resorts to beaches and towns. Coach-built motor caravans are also popular as a number of people can comfortably travel in one vehicle all at the same time.

Regardless of the length of your journeys, safety is of the utmost importance when travelling in a coach-built motor caravan, and some drivers can struggle at first when it comes to getting used to their size. This is why Comfort Insurance provides motorhome insurance that covers you no matter what size vehicle you own or the length of your journey.

If you want to find out more on how Comfort Insurance can protect your coach-built motor caravan makes sure you fill out an online quote form today!

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