Red Cross urge safety this winter

Any motorhome enthusiast watching the BBC news this morning would have been mildly amused by the feature on the Red Cross survival kit.

The feature was a typical BBC production whereby a reporter was sent to a motorway service station on the outskirts of London and proceeded to ask drivers if they carried the items, suggested as indispensable by the Red Cross, to any journey in the next few months.

Motorists caught out

Of course the majority of those interviewed found themselves embarrassingly short of the essentials named on the list, except for one chap who took great delight in saying yes to every question until the whistle caught him out. It was an interesting list to say the least but most motorhome owners could comfortably answer positively to, perhaps also with the exception of a whistle! Whether it is necessary for every motorist to carry the entire contents on the list for every winter journey is questionable.

Comprehensive list

For what it’s worth the Red Cross suggest motorhome drivers, and any other motorists for that matter should carry: important documents including their motor caravan insurance and their birth certificate, a battery torch and spare batteries or, a wind up torch (courtesy of Mr Dyson), a first aid kit, toiletries and essential medication and three days’ supply of food and water. A list of contact numbers and paper, pencil, penknife and whistle complete the survival kit.

No problems for Motorhome owners

With the majority of motorhome drivers being seasoned travellers the list would not seem unreasonable at all. Of course the beauty of a motor home is that it is a home on wheels, and as such normally carries provisions for three days. First aid kits are compulsory when travelling abroad and toiletries and medication are just common sense. Most people carry a list of contact numbers in their mobile phone, which curiously enough the Red Cross did not mention. Motorhome insurance documents and passports, which are surely better than a birth certificate, can usually be found under the dashboard of most motor homes, as can a pen, paper and penknife.

Competition for referees

It really is the whistle that will catch most people out and the suggestion by the Red Cross that a survival kit makes a good Christmas present may be ignored. That one little item for the man who thought he had everything may just turn up in some stocking fillers over the festive season… wouldn’t want to be at a football match on Boxing Day though!