Motorhome Owners Should Consider Spending Money to Save Money

With Christmas almost here and the January sales following closely behind, motorhome owners are being advised that now is the perfect time to start thinking about how they can update their mobile home for 2012, and when it comes to security there are lots of products available.

Big names often means big discounts

While it is always tempting to cut corners in order to save some money, it is worth remembering that if an owner can afford to do so, it really does make sense to go for top of the range products. This is because motorhome insurance companies will more often than not offer some very tempting discounts for fitting security gadgets. But with so many to choose from it can be difficult to know where to spend ones hard earned money.

Many experts agree that it really is worth paying that little bit extra for a state of the art security product. Thatcham or Sold Secure products for example are almost all “industry approved” and purchasers usually benefit from that when it comes to their motor caravan insurance renewal.

Insurers will normally split caravan/motorhome gadgets into two main categories, with industry approved security devices attracting the biggest insurance discount. Products that earn the approval of insurance companies include the Phantom pro-active tracking device, the Thiefbeater anti-theft system and the Al-Ko Secure chassis wheel lock system. But these are only three and there are many more, it is worth asking the retailer when making the purchase if the product is on an insurance or industry approved list.

Bargain basement worth considering

Top of the range security items can cost the motorhome owner at least £100 each, so if that puts them out of reach it is still worth searching in the January sales for some basic security devices. These items may still mean a small insurance discount and could be bought for as little as £25.

Owners are also being advised to think about protecting their mobile homes with an alarm system that goes off when there’s an attempt to move the motorhome or open the door while the owner is not there. Basic models will make a loud warning sound while the more expensive versions will send a message to a mobile phone to alert the owner.