Using Solar Power

Even though energy costs have continued to rise over the last few years, our dependence and reliance on gadgets and gizmos powered by electricity definitely hasn’t waned. Almost everyone these days owns a mobile phone which needs charging on a daily basis along with music players, laptops and a portable beauty routine. All this, alongside the normal functions of your motorhome, leaves plenty of campers wanting an alternative source of power…

Mounted Solar Panels

The first alternative energy solution is to mount solar panels to the roof or sides of your motorhome. They can either be wired back to your battery set-up or you can use your solar supply as a separate system and simply plug in when you need to. There is no question, though, that this solution can be incredibly expensive and for some users, the energy output is far in excess of what you really need. With no way of diverting or storing energy (as you could in a house) you might find yourself wasting a lot of energy and, ultimately, wasting money.

Individual Solar Panels

One solution which has appealed to a lot of campers, particularly those who like wild camping or those prefer to avoid electrical pitches: individual solar panels which correspond to the individual gadgets you need to use are the perfect solution. There are all kinds of phone cases, laptop charges and single panels which allow for quick charging of gadgets. However, if you’re needing to seek the sun for charge, don’t be tempted to leave your valuables lying around: you might find your motorhome insurance doesn’t cover you for gadgets left outside of your motorhome.

Buying an alternative energy source can definitely save you cash and hassle in the long run and not only can you reduce your carbon footprint but you can make sure that you’ve always got enough charge in the event of an emergency.