Clever Storage

We know that space is tight whenever you travel, and whether your motorhome fits two people or twelve people, you’ll always end up lacking in room. Here are a few clever ideas that are simple and cheap to install that will help you make finding room for everything just that little bit easier…

Luggage Nets

For less than £10 you can buy a net which can easily be stitched into any upholstery and will help you find room for all those things that don’t really belong anywhere. Always losing the satnav jacket, the road atlas or your hi-vis coat? Well, a luggage net might be exactly the sort of thing that you need to keep all those little bits ready to hand.

Exterior Storage

With a little more to spend you can buy all manner of additions which will help you to make more room, but get clutter out of your motorhome. Rear mounted racks can be great for bikes, kid’s toys and bulkier items, and a shallow top box is great for the things you only need every so often. Beware of your clearance height if you’re thinking of installing a top box.

Cabinets and Cupboards

It’s easy enough to add an extra cabinet or a cupboard to your motorhome, even if you’re not someone who’s particularly savvy with DIY. Measure out the space first, ensure you have what you need and then affix using the appropriate adhesive. Floor standing cabinets are much more secure, so use them when you can and remember that you might need to let your motorhome insurance provider know if you are making any serious modifications.

Don’t forget that whatever additions you buy, you can always make better use of the storage you have, too. So many motorhomes these days come with great, innovative features that will make your life so much easier, so rather than cramming everything in the cabin, why not see where you can make some savings?