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Abandoned Caravans cause Frustration to Communities

Residents in the town of Carlisle, Cumbria are relieved to find that the local council has agreed to dispose of an abandoned and dilapidated caravan that was left on a residential street for over eight months. The caravan was at one point occupied, but once the owner abandoned it, it was destroyed and filled with rubbish by vandals.

Lance Yeomans, 51, who is a residence of Borland Avenue where the caravan was abandoned, said that “The man moved away and it has been there ever since. It takes up a parking space, rubbish flats around into my garden, and you can see kids playing in it and dogs on it. It’s a health hazard.” The caravan was parked in front of residents’ gardens at the end of a cul-de-sac and had been smashed up and filled with empty tool boxes, beer cans, damaged furniture, and pieces of wood. Due to the fact that the caravan was so close to houses, many resident’ believed it to be a danger, with Mr. Yeomans saying “If it went on fire my car is gone and there are houses near. There are cars around it and it could damage your health.” Luckily the Riverside council agreed to move the caravan, with Tracey Edmondson, estate management team leader at Riverside, saying that the caravan and the rubbish will be disposed this week at the council’s expense.

Carlisle is not the only town however that is becoming frustrated with abandoned caravans. A group of residents from Wakefield, West Yorkshire have taken measures to ensure that those caught fly tipping on the South Hiendley Common are prosecuted, especially after a caravan was dumped and set alight. In Grimsby, local residents have successfully petitioned for new parking restrictions on the Grimsby Road to stop owners parking unwanted or for-sale caravans there for weeks on end.

There are plenty of scrap caravan companies across the UK that are happy pay for, or take away, caravans that are no longer wanted, or you could even break down the caravan yourself and sell the materials on to a scrap metal buyer. However, if there is ever any confusion of what to do then most caravan insurance providers will be able to give advice on the best way to dispose of your caravan safely and legally.

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