Motorhomes Stuck in the Mud

Motorhomes: Stuck in the Mud

We’ve all been there on that rainy April day, eager to get home after an exhausting trip or awaiting dinner after trying to pitch the awning and as you put your motorhome into gear something slips. Normally you’ll stall or, worse, you’ll just end up revving the engine and getting stuck in the mud. Around this time of year getting stuck is almost a guarantee for campsites, so here is our guide to getting out of sticky situations:

Use Forward and Reverse

There are usually two ways to get out of the mud: backwards or forwards. Whatever you do, you aren’t going to get out sideways. Try rocking your motorhome very gently by alternating smoothly between front and reverse gears. This could well loosen the mud around your motorhome and help you to get out. Do be careful when in reverse – once you become unstuck your motorhome will accelerate quickly.

Make a Path

You could attempt to make a gravel or wooden pathway for your motorhome tyres by adding small stones and rocks to the mud. This might firm your line of attack and help you to get away. Make absolutely certain your motorhome is stuck with the handbrake firmly on if you’re going near the tyres.

Don’t Attempt to Push

Your motorhome is incredibly heavy and even the fittest and strongest will struggle to push a motorhome out of the mud without doing themselves any damage. If you’ve tried everything else and you’re still stuck, call out a breakdown vehicle. You will most likely be able to cover the cost of your incident on your motorhome insurance.

It’s happened to us all, but it’s hard to remember quite how frustrating it is when you do get stuck. Keep calm and don’t do anything damaging or dangerous. Think logically about a solution and know that, if all else fails, someone else will be able to tow you out.

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