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Buy to Let Motorhomes

That might sound like something of a strange idea, but buy-to-let motorhomes have become quite fashionable over the last few years. The average motorhome owner only uses their motorhome for four weeks a year, so letting your motorhome out during the off-season is a brilliant way of helping pay the cost. If this sounds like something for you, what do you need to think about?


The hardest thing about letting anything is finding the right buyer and getting them to commit to enough uses to make you your money back. With the internet, though, anything is possible, so why not get a few adverts up online and see if you have any takers. Use the forums and blogs, too, to help find budding tenants!


You should be aware that letting a motorhome isn’t cost free. You’ll probably want to pay for some cleaning, or at least invest some time in cleaning after your lessees have moved on. Equally, the more use your motorhome gets, the more often it will need repairing so invest in a good motorhome insurance policy to help cover the costs.

Liability and legal provisions

You need to be sure that your motorhome insurance provider knows that you are letting your motorhome out and consider drawing up a contract to ensure that whoever lets your motorhome claims all responsibility for things like damages or speeding tickets and so on. Don’t get caught out by people who try and get away with a cheap deal – you need to make sure all your liability is covered and you’re not at risk.

It does take some thinking about, but don’t be afraid to try letting your motorhome out. Perhaps start by offering it up to friends and see how it works but for plenty of people it’s a great way of ensuring your motorhome is well used, well looked after and maybe even pays for itself.

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