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Caravan Trader Employee steals parts from Company to sell on Ebay

There is nothing more upsetting for caravan owners to find that their caravan has been stolen, especially as it means that they have to contact the police and their caravan insurance provider during what must be a very upsetting time.

Police have recently been cracking down on caravan thieves, such as in Ambergate in Derbeyshire where police chased two thieves across the village who had not only stolen a caravan but also the Renault Megane towing it. In order to catch the thieves the police chased them on the road and then deployed a helicopter to help track the thieves down when they finally tried to escape on foot. Eventually, the police apprehended one of the criminals and returned the caravan and the car to their rightful owners.

Most of the time caravans are stolen so that they can be dismantled and the parts sold on in order to make a profit, however one man in Warwickshire decided to cut out the middle man and steal the parts directly from his employer Canwell Caravans. Craig Baker stole thousands of parts from the company, including cooker knobs, locking nuts, and fitted radios. Apparently, he would take the parts from newly-arrived tourers, and he carried on with this scheme for over four years.

Finally, his employers started to become suspicious when the amount of parts he stole started to increase, especially as they could find no evidence of any break-ins. Finally, they went on the Ebay website and found the missing parts being sold by a seller called “camaraman” – an alias used by Baker that was known by his employers.

After calling the police Baker admitted that he had stolen up to ten thousand pounds worth of parts from the company, and so received a four month prison sentence which is suspended for two years, two hundred hours of community service, and a fine of £9,500 which he has to pay back to his former employers. The judge in the case said that during the case “I have seen references suggesting this was out of character. This went on for a very long time, so it’s difficult to say it’s out of character.”

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