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Welcome to the campervan living blog pages. If you’re looking for information about campervan living you’ve found the right place. Whether you’re looking to find out about campervan accessories, places to visit, or inspirational food ideas on your travels, we’ve got it covered. Campervans are the perfect lifestyle choice and our blogs will help you make the best of your campervan so that you can hit the road and make memories. Read on and find out more…..

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History of the campervan

History of the VW Campervan

View the entire history of the iconic VW Campervan, from its inception in 1947 all the way through to the latest redesign. 


The Motorhome Kitchen

Camping cookery doesn’t have to mean a small gas burner and scrambled eggs, these days even smaller Class C motorhomes have more than adequate space for cooking up delicious food. However, you will need some good utensils to make the most of the space you have while still keeping things compact. Here are a few…
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stormy weather

Covers and Weather Shields

  It’s a bit of an unwritten rule that whenever you want to take a motorhome holiday, the weather starts to alternate between beating sunshine and driving rain. Most motorhomes are more than able to withstand a bit of heavy weather, but over the long run it can do serious damage to the exterior and,…
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Light up your Motorhome

  Unless you’re the proud owner of a six-figure RV or an extremely spacious haulier conversion, it’s can be difficult to make your motorhome feel roomy. One of the reasons for this is that motorhomes are often designed with large windows to let in as much light as possible, but on grey days that light…
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motorhome interior

Motorhome Mattresses

Sleeping well is all a part the plan when it comes to going away, but so many motorhomes are fitted with poor mattresses that don’t provide enough support for the user. It’s true that you need to make some compromises when you’re travelling, but you don’t have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep! Here are…
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Air Conditioning for Self-Build Campervans

Though most new campervans will come with some form of climate control as standard, self-builders are often keen to explore the possibilities of air conditioning units to see what they can offer. Finding, buying and installing air-con can be quite a challenge, so here’s a quick guide to getting it right… Choosing the Right System…
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luxury motorhome

Luxury Motorhomes

Camping hasn’t always been renowned as the most glamorous of activities, but only by people who haven’t learned how to live the good life in a motorhome! Over the last few years the motorhome market has been swept with high end models which can be very costly. However, buying a top-end motorhome to start with…
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