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Welcome to the motorhome accessories blog pages.

If you’re looking for the latest accessories or gadgets for your motorhome, campervan or caravan, you’re in the right place. From space-saving devices to solar chargers; from cooking utensils to electric bikes. Our motorhome accessory blogs have got a gadget for every adventure. Read on and find out more…

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sat-nav in motorhome

Choosing a Motorhome Sat-Nav

Many of us now consider our vehicles to be inseparable from our sat-navs; we often wonder how we ever managed to get around without them. However, in the last few years the market for good quality motorhome satellite navigation has become quite crammed and there are lots of models all around the same price range…
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mobile phone

Keep Connected: Electronics for Motorhome Owners

Some people like to use their motorhome to get away from modern life and are quite happy to switch their laptops and mobile phones off for a weekend and ignore them until Monday. Others, however, would prefer to keep in touch. Often though, with limited plugs and sockets in a motorhome, it’s not easy to…
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fire detector

Detectors for Motorhomes

You wouldn’t dream staying in a house without a smoke detector and many of us won’t go out without setting the burglar alarm, but the rules that normally apply at home aren’t always transferred to practice when in your motorhome. The dangers of fire, theft or even carbon monoxide poisoning are all equally great in…
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sun shining though the trees

Warmth in the Winter

  Probably the first thing you noticed on your way to work this morning is that things are getting spectacularly cold in the UK, and they’re even colder elsewhere in Europe. We’re moving very quickly towards the winter solstice and home central heating systems have been getting used to the daily grind for some time…
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The Motorhome Kitchen

Camping cookery doesn’t have to mean a small gas burner and scrambled eggs, these days even smaller Class C motorhomes have more than adequate space for cooking up delicious food. However, you will need some good utensils to make the most of the space you have while still keeping things compact. Here are a few…
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stormy weather

Covers and Weather Shields

  It’s a bit of an unwritten rule that whenever you want to take a motorhome holiday, the weather starts to alternate between beating sunshine and driving rain. Most motorhomes are more than able to withstand a bit of heavy weather, but over the long run it can do serious damage to the exterior and,…
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