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Motorhome and Campervan  Insurance

History of the campervan

History of the VW Campervan

View the entire history of the iconic VW Campervan, from its inception in 1947 all the way through to the latest redesign. 

static caravans

VAT on Static Caravans

  Amongst all the Jubilee celebrations, you might have noticed a news story late last week about the government’s intention to take a ‘U-Turn’ on their plans to increase the VAT on static caravans to the standard rate of 20%. The changes will affect all of the camping industry and whether you’re interested in static…
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Try Before You Buy

  Choosing the right motorhome is a massive decision and if you’re looking to spend twenty or thirty thousand pounds on a new motorhome then you need to make sure you get it right – it’s not like you can get a receipt and an exchange if you don’t like it. However, the Camping and…
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calculating finances

Motorhome Finance

  The price of motorhomes vary drastically between different models but whatever the price you end up paying, a motorhome is likely to be one of the most expensive things you ever buy. For many people, the upfront cost of the right motorhome is prohibitive and so plenty of people look towards finance. There are…
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Depreciation on Motorhomes

Something to look out for if you’re thinking of picking up a motorhome second hand or perhaps if you’re looking to sell on a motorhome is the depreciation rate. Like cars, motorhomes can be depreciated at a particular rate and the amount of depreciation is calculated year on year and will differ for each different…
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Protecting No Claims discount – Is it worth it?

In these times of rising motoring costs, motorhome drivers are being encouraged to think long and hard about protecting the No Claims Discount (NCD) on their motorhome insurance policy. A report out this week by a leading online motor insurance comparison site suggests that drivers who have an accident and have no NCD protection face…
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A good policy to check the paperwork

It’s an exciting moment. You’ve renewed your motorhome insurance and the policy documents have arrived. You just can’t wait to sit down with a hot cuppa to pore over the juicy details. If that sounds a familiar scenario, you are probably one in a thousand. Most people, including many in the insurance industry, will at…
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