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Condensation Problems

It’s early morning, you’ve just got up from a good night’s sleep, the dew is on the grass and on the windows. Hang on…on the windows? Condensation might seem perfectly ordinary but, in fact, condensation is one of the biggest causes of motorhome damage around and needs to be taken seriously. Condensation related damages can’t always be claimed on your motorhome insurance and so it’s half about keeping your eyes peeled for the signs, and half about preventing it in the first place.

Spotting the Signs

Condensation is most likely to appear on particularly cold days. The windows are cooled from the outside and the warm air from inside the motorhome causes droplets to form. On some days this will be reasonably ordinary as you can’t help some moisture getting in, but if this is happening on a regular basis and on days where the mercury is above, say, ten degrees, then you may have a problem.

Keeping things Dry

Moisture can come from all kinds of sources but is most likely to come from outside-in. Wet clothes are the usual culprit but swimming suits, muddy bikes and spillages can all cause additional moisture. Also be extremely careful not to leave the windows or doors open in the rain; upholstery can be surprisingly absorbent!

Extreme Measures

If you have a serious problem then the best solution is a dehumidifier. Thankfully, a lot of motorhomes have one already fitted: your air conditioning system. A blast of cool air for a few hours can really do the trick but, if not, consider a specific dehumidifying unit. There are some specialist motorhome models available and the money you spend will easily be what you save if you need to claim damages.

Condensation is not something to be taken lightly, so make sure you’re doing all you can to prevent damp. If you need to act, make sure you do it fast: moisture build up is only more likely to turn to mould the longer you leave it.

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