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Transport Minister boosts campaign for Volkswagen Campervan Safety

The VW campervan is one of the most iconic campervans in the world, which means that many members of the British public have already invested in these vehicles. However, most of the time when owners try to convert their new purchase they do not consider the safety implications, which is something the government’s transport minister, Stephen Hammond, is trying to change.

In a meeting on Monday, a campaign was launched by Mr Hammond along with Bebb Limited’s managing director Darren Bebb and business development manager David Park, as well as Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski. Bebb Limited is a sister company of the Shrewsbury and Newton based Salop vans, which means that both Mr Bebb and Mr Park have a vast amount of experience when it comes to dealing with campervan and commercial vehicle safety.

The Transport Minister thanked those that attended the meeting for highlighting the dangers associated with converted VW vans, and has suggested that a voluntary code of conduct and an inspection certificate for these vehicles to be introduced. Discussing the safety of VW campervan owners, Mr Hammond said: “It is something that the Government takes seriously and wants to resolve in a deregulatory way. I recognise from all the work that has been done that we shouldn’t be complacent on the issue.”

The code of conduct and inspection scheme will ensure that all converted VW campervans have safely fitted seat beds, safety belts, gas supply and electric system. Discussing the new scheme, Mr Bebb said: “After almost two years of banging our heads against a brick wall in trying to raise awareness of this serious issue, I am delighted that we are finally making progress. Mr Hammond understood our concerns and we are delighted that he agreed to facilitate a meeting.”

“In the past, we have tried to engage with lots of different organisations and to enlist the support of all major converters in the UK with only limited success. Now that the Department for Transport is taking the lead, I suspect that there will be a lot more interest. If our campaign manages to save just one life, then it will have been worthwhile.” Campervan owners that wish to convert their vehicles need to make sure that safety is one of their first priorities, and also need to contact their campervan insurance providers to let them know their plans before any work is undertaken.

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