Considerations for travelling in Europe this summer

Map of EuropeRegular readers of Comfort Insurance’s Tips and Advice Blog will know that we generally like to keep things light – after all going on a motorhome holiday is something to look forward to! However, over the past few months a number of events have happened across Europe which require motorhome owners to become even more careful on their holidays.

The last thing anyone wants to think about before going away is the worst case scenario, however the truth is that there are certain situations present now that weren’t before. Therefore we have decided to provide our readers and customers some advice on what they need to consider before travelling to Europe this summer:

Ferry Crossings

Earlier this month hundreds of people in the UK and France faced travel chaos due to a strike held by Calais ferry workers. Unfortunately, during the strike some of the protesters blocked the Channel Tunnel with burning tyres, meaning passengers were stuck in their cars for hours. This in itself is not necessarily something to worry about (although it can be frustrating especially if you have young children with you), however those stuck in Calais reported that while they were there they were targeted by migrants trying to cross the Channel.

Most people have already heard about the migrant issue in Calais, and even though the French police are trying to stop migrants from crossing the Channel they are not always successful. As a motorhome owner you need to be particularly aware of this issue as due to the size of your vehicle you are more likely to be targeted.

We have already seen news stories concerning motorhome owners who have driven home only to find an immigrant hiding in or under their vehicles, so if you are travelling across the Channel this summer you need to be vigilant. At the same time motorists have been advised not to leave their vehicles if migrants do try and get inside, but to call the police instead. They have also been advised to check their vehicles once they have crossed back into the UK to make sure they have no unexpected passengers.

The Greek Crisis

Greece has always been a popular holiday destination for us Brits, however over the past few months the country has been thrown into turmoil due to its economic crisis. Even though a bailout agreement has now been made between Greece and the rest of the EU the country is still largely unstable, which means that holiday-goers need to take precautions before travelling.

Since the bailout agreement between Greece and members of the European Parliament, banks have started to open again across the country however tourists are still being advised to avoid visiting them if possible. Instead, they should bring as much money as needed to last them throughout their trip as some banks still have limits on how much they can give out.

Most people try and avoid taking lump sums of money with them when going on holiday, however as a motorhome owner you are at somewhat of an advantage as you can add additional security to your vehicle to ensure your valuables are kept safe. Here at Comfort Insurance we always advise our customers to take security seriously, particularly if you are taking large amounts of cash with you, so make sure you invest in proper locks, alarms and potentially even a safe for your motorhome.

Political Issues

Several countries in Europe have been affected by political tensions and attacks over the past few weeks, and even though these events are few and far between your safety should remain your first priority.

If you are concerned about travelling to a particular country in Europe this summer the first thing you need to do is check the Foreign Office website which has detailed travel advice on most countries across the world. If you have been issued a warning then it’s essential you don’t travel as you could end up placing yourself in danger.

If you are in a certain country and a travel alert is issued then you should contact your travel operator as soon as possible, or make personal arrangements to come back to the UK in a safe and suitable manner.

It’s highly unlikely that something will happen to you whilst travelling in Europe this summer, however being prepared not only ensures your safety but can also provide peace of mind. Remember, if you are ever unsure it’s always best to check before heading off, that way you will remain protected throughout your trip.

Photo by San Jose / CC BY-SA 3.0

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