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Dogs and Motorhomes

Dogs make great companions on the road and the rising costs of kennels and dog sitters means more and more people are choosing to take their dogs away with them. Travelling with a furry friend is not always stress-free, though, so it’s worth thinking about a few things before you go.

Dog Guards

You’ll need to make sure your pooch is safe when you’re travelling and a dog guard (or ‘safety lattice’) is by far the best way of doing this. It means you are safe to drive unimpaired and in the event of an accident it prevents your dog from travelling too far up your cabin which could be dangerous to both of you. Though many people find these impractical, it is possible to buy custom made dog guards that will fit exactly to the specification of your motorhome.

Covers and Mats

Even the best trained dog can’t clean up after itself so do bear your upholstery in mind. Seat covers and mats are imperative as you won’t be able to claim damaged or dirty furnishings on your motorhome insurance! It’s good to separate off an area where your dog is free to roam for itself and make sure you allow plenty of stops so it doesn’t get too restless.

Dog-friendly Campsites

Not everybody is a dog person and some campsites do operate no-dog policies. This is something that you’ll just have to accept so check with the proprietor that it’s okay to bring your dog onto the site. Even on dog-friendly sites, though, you need to have respect for other campers – letting your dogs run wild won’t gain you many friends and, after all, that’s what camping is really about!

Dogs are good fun to travel with and often they become just another family member who you wouldn’t want to leave behind! Get kitted out with the right equipment so everyone is safe and make sure your dogs are kept under good control – it saves any disputes with other campers that might spoil both of your holidays.

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