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Engine Theft in Cornwall

Engine Theft - Motorhome in CornwallYou might have spotted a story which hit the news a few weeks ago that engine parts were stolen from eleven separate motorhomes in Cornwall. The parts were all taken from the same site, Hall’s motorhomes in Helston, but the site was well lit and on a main road. The site owner, Darren Hall, was quoted claiming he didn’t know ‘who would have the nerve’ to commit such a crime.

Sophisticated Planning

Of course, such a crime is not likely to have been orchestrated by overambitious opportunists. All the parts that were taken were catalytic converters or minor parts of exhaust systems which had limited resale value but must have been taken by someone with clear intentions. It’s just another example that motorhome thieves really do know what they’re talking about.

Resale of Parts

It’s much easier to track down a whole motorhome than for someone to take individual parts and to sell them on. Once removed, parts can easily be traded privately or put online and can be sold within days. It’s almost impossible for buyers to know where a part has been sourced, regardless of its value. Smaller crimes do mean greater danger to those leaving their motorhomes parked for any length of time.

Preventing Thefts

It’s impossible to prevent all thefts altogether, but you can do your bit in minimising the risk. Parking in well-lit areas should help and, if possible leave your motorhome somewhere undercover and secured. Your motorhome insurance policy will cover most incidences of theft so make sure your details are handy at all times – the police will want to know details.

Unfortunately theft is one of those things that plagues the motorhome community as valuable vehicles and valuable parts are tempting to those looking to make a quick buck. Always be mindful of theft and whenever you’re leaving your motorhome for any length of time, just make that sense check do you know it will be safe.

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