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Ferry Travel with Motorhomes

Caravan & motorhome speed limits

The UK is a great place to live for a motorhome owner, except for one thing: it’s completely surrounded by sea. This is not so bad if you’re happy enjoying the waves in Brighton, Blackpool or Bournemouth but it can be frustrating if you’re looking to explore the continent. If this is you, your only option to get away is to take a ferry. So, how can you get the most out of your motorhome on the seas?

Height Matters

Most ferries will have a height limit for motorhomes which you will need to be sure you don’t exceed. A top-box or roof rack can easily push you over the limit. Also, some ferry companies charge more for extra height and some don’t, so make sure you tick all the right boxes when booking online. It’s also worth thinking about storage; if you can store all you need inside your motorhome, you could save yourself a few quid when booking.

Book Flexible Tickets

Booking a flexible ticket can be incredibly beneficial if you’re a little unclear on your timings. Even the most efficient traveller sometimes hits traffic and if you think there is any danger of you wanting to extend your stay then it can be worth spending the extra on a flexible ticket from the start. This can also be a good way of getting yourself onto prime time ferries for less.

Ferry Miles and Cheaper than Motorhome Miles

It’s usually more efficient to go as far as you can on the ferry. If you’re thinking of travelling to Spain then it’s so much more efficient to take the ferry to Santander rather than to Calais. This may mean you spending six hours on a boat, but it’s far quicker than spending ten hours on the road; just make sure your motorhome insurance covers you for where you need to go.

Ferry travel is still the most realistic way of getting your motorhome to the continent and, because of the rise in cheap flights, prices are only getting lower. Why not think about your summer ferry trip now – you might save yourself some cash!

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