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Warmth in the Winter


Probably the first thing you noticed on your way to work this morning is that things are getting spectacularly cold in the UK, and they’re even colder elsewhere in Europe. We’re moving very quickly towards the winter solstice and home central heating systems have been getting used to the daily grind for some time now. But, the problems don’t stop at home – if you’re travelling with your motorhome you’re likely to experience extremely cold temperatures. So, what is the best way of generating that extra bit of warmth?

Your Central System

Far and away the most efficient way of heating up any motorhome is to use the central thermostat. This will properly regulate the temperature in your motorhome but, be warned, it may take some time to heat up. It’s advisable to give 30-40 minutes for your heating to start circulating properly, so it can be worth setting a timer. If your heating isn’t giving you enough oomph at normal temperatures then your radiators may need bleeding – it’s best to call a mechanic and your motorhome insurance provider in this case.

Extra Heaters

It’s not advisable to use strip heaters or any sort of plug-in heater in your motorhome, not only are they prone to falling and setting fire to carpet or furnishings, but they’re immensely inefficient, particularly if you’re running off a generator. If you need a short-term boost then your cab air-con might do the trick, but, again, this will devour petrol. Your best bet is a cosy blanket and a few extra layers.

Residual Heat

For keeping your motorhome cozy throughout the day, it’s worth being aware of the residual heat that is generated. Your oven is probably the most effective heat source out there so why not put on a slow-cook stew or a curry? This will keep things nice and toasty over a long period, providing you keep your doors and windows shut to minimise heat losses.

Keeping your motorhome warm does require a bit of planning ahead, but make sure you know how your system works and how to use it to the best advantage. There are colder days ahead, so you’d better get prepared!

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