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Gadgets Causing Drivers to Lose Their Focus

Many motorhome enthusiasts believe the plethora of in-vehicle gadgets is detracting them from concentrating on their driving.

That is the verdict gleaned from a study by world famous consumer magazine “Which?”. The UK study involved thousands of motorists many of whom had their vehicles covered with motorhome insurance. An incredible 70% said that technology inside their vehicle distracted them from the job of steering ahead. Satellite navigation devices headed the list of distractions by some distance with many motorists admitting they took their hands off the wheel to punch in new directions and lots of drivers admitted to openly arguing with the device at times.

Of course hands-free phones also featured highly in the list which will come as no surprise to anyone who has tried to conduct a difficult conversation while driving through an area that is unfamiliar. Audio equipment and even adjustments of side mirrors were mentioned as was the noise from monitors used by children in the back seats.

Richard Headland, the motoring editor for the famous magazine, said “We found that the sheer number of ways to carry out simple tasks in the cars was baffling, and crying out to be simplified. We know people want systems in their car that integrate audio, phone, sat-nav and other functions, but it’s time for the government to step in and provide some strong guidance to focus car makers on creating less distracting systems. If you’re buying a new vehicle with an in-car system, we suggest you ask for a full demonstration from the dealer before driving the car away. Your safety, and that of other road users, could depend on it.”

The study comes at a time when UK motoring organisations are questioning the safety of a motorist submitting directions into a sat-nav while they are actually driving and some believe the practice should be outlawed in the same way as hand held phones are.

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