Haunted Hallowe’en Hotspots

Another summer seems to have flown by! As autumn fast approaches, it heralds the arrival on another important event on the calendar: Hallowe’en.

To celebrate this seriously spooky special day, we have sought out some of the most haunted sites that England has to offer.


Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

The Ancient Ram Inn, found in the small village of Wootton-under-Edge, holds the title of being the most haunted building in England.

Built in 1145, the inn was originally used by Priests to house the slaves and workers who were building the St. Mary Church. It is positioned on the intersection of 2 Ley Lines, and many people believe that these types of location have high levels of spiritual energy. When looking at it on a map, you can actually trace the lines all the way through the very centre of Stonehenge. 5,000 years ago, the site was allegedly home to an ancient Pagan burial ground.

Over the years, many dark and sinister events are said to have occurred there, from devil worship to child sacrifice. The current owner firmly believes he shares his home with numerous spirits, demons and ghosts, as do countless other people who have visited the Inn or stayed there over the years.


Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon

This beautiful castle is located in a picturesque part of Devon, close to Totnes.

However, do not let it’s elegant exterior deceive you; this castle is known to be one of England’s most haunted.

There have been plenty of reports of supernatural phenomena and ghost sightings, but there are two apparitions who are more common than the rest. They have become known as the Blue Lady and the White Lady.

The Blue Lady is believed to be the ghost of the daughter of a Norman castle lord, who was born of incest and strangled by the lord in one of the castle’s rooms. She has been said to lure people into various parts of the castle to get them lost. She is also said to haunt the tower, trying to coax those passing by into helping her, but for those who go to her aid are said to fall directly to their death.

The White Lady is Margaret Pomeroy, said to haunt the dungeons of St. Margaret’s Tower. Many visiotrs to the castle have seen her waving them. She was locked in the dungeons by her jealous sister Eleanor, and it was here that she starved to death.


Pluckley Village, Kent

Whilst the previous examples are individual haunted buildings, with Pluckley it is the entire village which is said to be haunted. In fact, in 1989 it was named the most haunted village in England by the Guinness World Records, and it has played host to many a TV crew and paranormal investigator.

The screaming man is one of the most frequently sighted spirits, said to be a workman who fell to his death whilst completing the village brickwork. Another spectre often spotted is that of a highwayman who was pinned with a sword to a tree on what is now known as Fright Corner, where he lurks as a shadowy figure. There is the phantom of an elderly woman who tragically burned to death in the village, and the ghost of old schoolmaster who is often seen wandering the old school grounds in his favourite coat and stripy trousers.


A visit to any of these places should be sure to make this a Hallowe’en to remember!



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