jump starting a motorhome

Jump Starting A Motorhome


We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it, but running your battery flat can still be pretty embarrassing. Whether you’ve left the lights on, the radio running or just left a door slight ajar, it’s always frustrating to come back to your motorhome and realise you haven’t got the power to go anywhere. Never fear, though, jump starting a motorhome is very common and, with a bit of prior thought, will get you on the road again without even needing to call out a recovery vehicle or your motorhome insurance provider.

Buying Jump Leads

The first thing you will need is a set of jump leads, these are usually red and black and will have crocodile-clip type fixings at both ends. If your motorhome has a raised bonnet, make sure you buy leads long enough to stretch to the battery of another vehicle. It’s important, also, to have a ‘practice run‘ before you get into a real emergency. Don’t actually jump start your motorhome if the battery is charged, this could damage it, but make sure you know where the connections can be found.

Jump Starting Your Motorhome

You will need another vehicle to jump-start your battery from and this should be in good condition. You could use your tow-car if you have one, or you should find another motorhome user who will help you out. Connect the negative lead first and the positive last, and rev the engine. This should kick start your battery and you will be up and running. Be sure to leave the engine running for a short while so it will recharge the battery fully.

Safety Considerations

Though jump-starting a vehicle is a simple affair, you do need to be wary that it can be dangerous and, if done wrong, can seriously damage both batteries. Make sure you link red leads to red terminals, black to black and ensure both cars are secured and parked. Beware that batteries and engine parts get very hot, so be careful before touching anything and, if you’re unsure, it’s best to call out a mechanic or ask for help.

It’s useful to know how to jump start a motorhome and, though hopefully you’ll never use it, it can get you out of trouble in no time. Equally, it’s always appreciated if you can help another motorhome owner who has run flat: good deeds always come around again!

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