The Motorhome Kitchen

Camping cookery doesn’t have to mean a small gas burner and scrambled eggs, these days even smaller Class C motorhomes have more than adequate space for cooking up delicious food. However, you will need some good utensils to make the most of the space you have while still keeping things compact. Here are a few essentials for stocking up your motorhome kitchen…

The Right Knife

Though you might have a full set of all-purpose knives at home, when on the road all you will need is a good chef’s knife. Go for something with a blade between six and eight inches long so you can both use it for tough joints of meat and delicate fruit and veg. Avoid carbon blades that will rust if not used and always keep knives in a secure drawer if you have children around. You may have a difficult time claiming on your motorhome insurance if your knives were not properly stored.

Pots and Pans

Size matters if you’re cooking for six or more people, so invest in one large pan: it will be great for big pastas or stews. A frying pan is essential and a good non-stick bottom should last you through many mornings of scrambled eggs. It can be useful to have a few extra small pans for heating up sauces or making soup, and a good baking tray will serve you well both in the oven and on the hob.

Added Extras

Everyone has utensils that they couldn’t live without and probably a veg peeler and a cheese grater will be high on the list. If you have the worktop space, a liquidizer can be great for both warming soups and cool smoothies, and, if you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll really notice the benefit of using a French press, coffee beans and a compact grinder rather than instant coffee. The smell of fresh ground coffee is enough to get anyone up in the morning!

Ideally your perfect motorhome kitchen will have everything you need to make five or six really easy dishes and perhaps something a little more complex on a Sunday afternoon. The key is to buy quality and you’ll be rewarded: spending some money on a good knife and a good set of pans will pay dividends in five year’s time.

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