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Looking After Your Motorhome for the Long Term

As we all know a motorhome is not a short term buy, and at that price you want to enjoy your motorhome well into the future. Normally motorhomes are still running well after ten or even fifteen years, but there are plenty of cases where motorhomes end up running out of life well before then. By spending a bit of time really looking after your motorhome, however, you can give it the best chance of lasting you a lifetime.

Mechanical Care

The things that are most likely to go wrong first on your motorhome are the mechanical parts. Obviously, that includes your engine which you need to keep topped up with oil and good quality fuel. You should also ensure your tyres have good tread and are running well. Equally, don’t ignore things like door hinges and window-frames – the need a bit of a clean down every now and again too.

Interior Care

Things like your hob are big components and if they fail they can even be the cause a motorhome being written off. It’s expensive to replace a motorhome hob and they are prone to going wrong if you don’t keep them clean and well maintained. Equally, good care of your upholstery will really make a difference to the look of your motorhome: treat leather with a good quality balm every year or so.

Financial Care

Finally, there is economy in spending a bit of money on your motorhome. Don’t expect the cheapest motorhome insurance quote will be the best one – shop around until you find something that actually meets your needs and will cover repairs as and when they’re needed. You should also ensure you take your motorhome for regular servicing and, sometimes, it pays to go for that approved part, particularly in the engine. Spend now and save later.

Your motorhome is an investment so treat it like one! Care for it well and it will last you. Plus, you never know, it still be worth something when it’s time to upgrade, so your time might just pay itself back.

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