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Using Trackers


Anything is liable to theft these days and most criminals are incredibly sophisticated; far from the old days of opportunist crime. The rise of online shopping and second hand trading also means it’s very easy to get rid of stolen merchandise and all too often campervans and motorhomes end up being traded illegally on auction websites or classified lists and are never to be seen again.

Because of that, there has been a considerable rise in the number of trackers being used by motorhome owners. In the event that your motorhome or campervan is stolen, the authorities need only to type a code into a computer and it will bring up the location of your pride and joy.

How do they Work?

Most trackers run off GPS software – the same as your sat nav. A signal is sent out by the tracker, picked up by satellite and then processed by central computer software. Every 20 seconds or so, a new signal is sent so your motorhome can be tracked even if it’s on the move.

Buying Advice

Another handy benefit of a tracker device is that you might stand to save some money off your motorhome insurance if you choose to install one. Recognised brands like the RAC Trackstar and the CobraTrak will trigger to insurers that your vehicle stands a good chance of being recovered if stolen, so it’s a good idea to bear these in mind when buying.

Other than that, it’s a question of features – some will text you if your motorhome is stolen, some will work throughout Europe and some have integrated alarms. Usually it’s a good idea to assess the market and match your purchase to your motorhome: if you have a motorhome that retails at the top end of the market, it’s best covered with a tracker that does too.

Tracker devices can really be lifesavers and, with the risk of theft so prevalent these days, buying any tracker is a sound decision.

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