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Luxury Motorhomes

Camping hasn’t always been renowned as the most glamorous of activities, but only by people who haven’t learned how to live the good life in a motorhome! Over the last few years the motorhome market has been swept with high end models which can be very costly. However, buying a top-end motorhome to start with isn’t the only way to turn your motorhome into a luxury vehicle – here are a few top tips for getting a little more out of your precious holiday time.

Changing your Upholstery

Leather seats aren’t just a status symbol – they really do make things feel a lot more comfortable. Long trips can be made considerably more bearable and even those rainy hours don’t feel quite so bad if you’re seated on quality leather. There are plenty of upholsterers who will fit your motorhome out for a good price and most will offer a free quotation: what’s the harm in that!?

Space Saving

One thing that will really help your motorhome feel like a luxury RV, even if it’s only modest in size, is to save yourself some space. If you have a seat or two that you don’t use or perhaps an extra kitchen cabinet that lies empty then you would be best advised to get rid of it – additional space will allow you to move between areas a lot more easily and might make all the difference.


It’s not uncommon for motorhome owners to feel excited about a new purchase but then feel a little disappointed when it arrives. Empty space can be quite intimidating, so make sure you fit out your motorhome with some luxury accessories – perhaps a coffee maker or an iPod dock – and make yourself feel at home.

Luxury doesn’t always have to come at a price, but it is worth protecting, so whatever you do to make your motorhome that little bit more comfortable, make sure you cover yourself with a good motorhome insurance policy. Peace of mind is a luxury, too, you know!

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