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Motor Home Converted to Health Centre

Motor home enthusiasts will know that a basic motor home can be converted into a vehicle that has many different uses, but not many motor homes are converted into health centres, however, that is exactly what has happened to one in Calgary, Canada.

The motor home has been converted into a clinic for high school students all around Calgary and the living quarters of the motor home have been portioned off to create a doctor’s office, a nursing station and a reception area. The motor home is still very much a mobile unit and so motor home insurance is still a necessity.

The clinic is always staffed by a Doctor, Nurse and Youth Worker who all feel the “coolness” of the converted motor home gets youngsters who need help into the clinic more readily. The weekly route covers at least 8 high schools in and around the city as well as stopping at shopping malls.

Dr Anne Darragh says the mobile clinic helps break down barriers for students whether they are cultural, financial or social and caters for students whose families may not care enough to take them to a regular doctor’s surgery. She said “If their parents are unwilling or unable to bring them to a public clinic, the Alex brings the clinic to them. A lot of the kids who fall through the cracks, they just can’t finish school. What we’re trying to do is help them maintain their health so they can finish school so that they can become contributing members of society.”

“Some of the kids we’ve known for two or three years have gone from struggling and barely being able to get out of bed and getting to school, to being full of enthusiasm and looking forward to programs they can access once they graduate from high school. Some of them are interested in becoming social workers, working with us so we see lots of amazing things once kids have the ability to get themselves into physical and mental health.”

The team are now looking to convert another motor home to help homeless people in the city in a similar vein.

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