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Motorhome Aftercare Packages

Plenty of people buy new motorhomes or used motorhomes at the top end of their budgets and then are reluctant to purchase aftercare deals that ensure their motorhome is kept in good working order for the years to come. A critical eye is important when it comes to aftercare, but often dealers do offer very good packages. Here’s a quick guide to what you should look out for…

Motorhome Servicing

Most aftercare packages will include a comprehensive service for a number of years after your purchase and this will represent a saving over what your dealer’s normal price of a service is. Don’t be fooled by the headline prices, though, if you think you can get a good service elsewhere. On new models this might be tricky because many dealers these days request that you are serviced at a registered (or approved) dealership to maintain your warrantee. Check if this is the case before turning down a service package and make sure you’re looking for the best value for money.

Comprehensive Service

Check, also, the level of the service that you will be offered. You’ll need both a mechanical service which checks that all the engine and drive train are running effectively, and a habitation service to ensure that the inside of your motorhome is up to scratch. A fully comprehensive service package will offer both of these.

Hidden Extras

Things like cover for windscreen chips and motorhome insurance can add value to your package, but you need to check the level of cover that you are receiving. Your policy should include theft, fire and legal cover and be valid for wherever you intend to drive it. Many policies will include UK only insurance and if you want to travel into Europe this simply won’t be enough – an independent policy might just be cheaper all round.

There is sometimes a good deal to be had from certain types of aftercare package and the hard work is checking that everything within it will benefit you. Different levels of cover and service packages are appropriate for different people and if you’re only going to be on the road occasionally then a fully comprehensive service just might not represent value for money.

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