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Motorhome Flooding and Waterproofing

As the rain continues across the UK the water tables are starting to rise as is the risk of serious damage to campsites and motorhomes. It’s not often that the very extremes of the capabilities of your motorhome are tested, but this summer there have been plenty of incidents involving motorhomes that have leaked under heavy rainfall and have caused serious damage.

Who is Most at Risk?

If you’re running a new motorhome then you’re very unlikely to have any problems, but anyone who has refurbished or modified a motorhome might have problems. Even if you have changed any windows, leaks can come through any gaps and are quite common around poorly fitted air-conditioning units.

Identifying the Problems

Identifying a leak is the first thing you need to do, which can be problematic given the complexity of some motorhome roofs. Sometimes there’s no other option but to get up on the roof yourself, but don’t rule out the possibility of a drainage problem caused by standing water so be prepared to get wet! Alternatively, a professional will probably be able to identify the problem quickly and efficiently.

Finding a Solution

Seals on windows and roofs can just wear out and easily be replaced with sealant. Check whether your motorhome insurance will cover you for damages but often wear and tear is excluded. In any instance, make sure you give your sealant time to dry properly before testing it in the British summer!

This has been one of the worst years for waterproofing problems but the best thing you can do is keep a good eye on things. Flooding and leakage can cause real damage so it’s best to get to worn seals before they break and counteract damages before they occur.

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