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Motorhome Hire Checks

If you’re choosing to leave your motorhome at home for a holiday and you’re looking to rent when you arrive, you’d think the process of hiring and driving away a motorhome would be simple. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. There area number of extremely important steps you need to check out when it comes to motorhome hire, so make sure you know what you need to do before you arrive.

Upfront and Hidden Costs

The first check to make is that you’re not paying any more than you agreed or than is strictly necessary. Many motorhome hire companies will charge you a fee upfront and there may be other additions: motorhome insurance, a high mileage supplement or a one-way fee, for example. These are all standard but make sure you know them before you agree to the price: don’t get hit with unnecessary costs.

Damaged Goods

Most motorhomes when hired will be in good condition but won’t be completely mint. There are likely to be scratches and dents on the bodywork and probably a few items missing from the inside. This is quite standard but you need to be able to prove it wasn’t you who damaged the vehicle. Taking a few photos of any damage before you drive off is always a good idea.

The Fuel Question

When hiring a motorhome you’re often asked whether you’d like to return the vehicle full or empty. This really depends on where you’re hiring from: airport fuel can be extremely expensive, as will the fuel price from your provider be. In an idea situation, take the full tank of fuel and fill up at a cheap, local station before you return. This should minimise costs and still keep things convenient.

Motorhome hire is a simple process but often it’s overcomplicated by having to make tough and expensive decisions on the spot. Have a read of the small print before you go and make sure you know how much your motorhome hire is really going to cost you.

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