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Motorhome Hire


Though there are great benefits to owning your own motorhome, there’s no doubt that the cost can be prohibitive. Top luxury models can reach up to £75,000 to buy new and for plenty of people that represents a substantial improvement to their home, an education for their children or, at the very least, a lot of stays in a lot of very nice hotels! Because of this, plenty of people choose to hire motorhomes every year – but if you’re thinking of hiring for the summer, what do you need to know?

The Right Hire Company

Finding the right hire company is important and unless you do your research you might find yourself with a sub-standard motorhome. Talk to motorhome owners about the sort of models you should be looking to hire and what sort of price you’d be expecting to pay and armed with a bit of knowledge you’re sure to find a company who are right for you.

Driving and Camping

Motorhome hire is not as simple as hopping in a driving off; you need to make sure you are equipped with the proper license and proper motorhome insurance before you even leave the forecourt. You’ll also need to make sure your favourite campsite will have space for motorhomes – plenty of campsites which accept cars and families ordinarily won’t accept motorhomes.

Returning Safely

Most hire companies will ask you to refill your motorhome with fuel before leaving it, but check you haven’t been scammed – only if you received the motorhome with a full tank of fuel should you pay for a full tank on return so check this before you depart. Finally, it’s important to make a note of any bumps or scrapes you had on departure so that you can come away clean when you leave.

Hiring motorhomes can be a great way of getting a taste for what it’s like to become a fully fledged motorhome owner, but it does come with a word of warning: try it once and you might just get the bug!

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