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Motorhome Maintenance Tips: Windows and Windscreens

cleaning suppliesGlass is a crucial feature for all motorhomes, not only does it let light in but it keeps the cold out, and it’s vital that the glass in your motorhome is properly maintained. However, maintaining your windows and your windscreen is one of the most difficult things to do as a motorhome owner and cleaning often feels like a never-ending task! Here are our top tips for maintaining the glass in your motorhome.

Glass Cleaning

There is a knack to getting the grime off glass and it does take some practice. Spray down the glass with water or a specific glass cleaner to get the worst of the grime off. For a smear-free finish make sure you spray your detergent on to a clean cloth before wiping clear. You need to be careful with the inside of your windscreen too. Smearing can considerably reduce visibility so make sure you’re cleaning the windscreen precisely and regularly and allow it to dry.

Windscreen Chips

Unfortunately motorhomes are very prone to attracting chips in the windscreen. This is not especially dangerous if the chips are small, but once they start cracking it’s time to get them filled. Usually you can claim these costs on your motorhome insurance, and you’ll have nothing to pay when the repair man comes.

Checking Seals and Insulation

Finally, if you’re feeling like your heating isn’t quite doing the trick any more, make sure the seals on your motorhome windows are still intact. Rotted or eroded seals will let the cold in like nothing else and they can be expensive to replace, so take care and do something about the problem before it gets too bad.

Glass cleaning and maintenance is not a problem if you keep a careful eye out and use the right tools for the job. Make sure you’ve got a good cleaning detergent to hand and you clean your motorhome regularly and often, and get any chips taken care of as soon as you can – they will only get worse if you don’t fix them.

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  1. Nicky Roberts on February 25, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Who do Comfort use for windscreen cover. It’s just after their closing time and I have tried phoning and selecting the option 1 but the line then cuts off. If I can find out who they use then I can phone direct maybe?

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